Commissioned Course (Level 3)

This is the Required Level to Be Able to Carry a Firearm as a Security Officer.


The Level III Training Course (minimum 45 hours) and test (including course of fire) is required for all* commissioned security officers and personal protection officers. This training course must be administered by a licensed Level III Training School and taught by a licensed Level III Instructor. The demonstration of firearm proficiency must be completed within 90 days of the application date.

Once you complete this course and pass’s both the firing range and written exam with passing scores you will receive a certificate of completion.
At that time you can take the certificate to any security agency you want to work for and apply for a job. However they cannot carry the firearm until the security company sends in the certificate with the application for the armed security (Commissioned Security Officer) pocket card. Once that card comes in then you can carry the firearm. 

The license is good for 2 years from the date it is issued from the state.
The officer must re-qualify every 2 years with a 8 hour course to be able to stay armed and have the active commission card.

Required Equipment:

  • Handgun (Semi-Automatic or Revolver)

    • 200 Rounds of Ammunition

  • 12 Gauge Shotgun (if needed)

    • 9 Rounds of 00 Buck ​

  • Duty Belt w/​

    • Duty Holster ​

    • Magazine Pouch

    • Handcuff Case w/ Handcuffs

    • Baton Holder w/ Baton

    • Flashlight Holder w/ Flashlight

  • Ear Protection

  • Eye Protection (Prescription Glasses are Acceptable)

  • Baseball Style Cap

  • Appropriate Clothing for the days activity.


Cost of Course: $225/person

Duration of Course: 45 hours

Corporate Office

(254) 245 - 9885

Mailing Address: 3278 Chaparral Rd; Killeen, TX 76542

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