Chaparral Protection Agency, P.L.L.C. was started back in 2011 when David R. Guthrie Sr. , David R. Guthrie Jr. and Christopher S. Bell saw the need to start a security agency that actually worked! David Guthrie Jr. had been in the Security industry for 20 years and worked for several agencies, he saw a need for something better. He saw companies that were substandard at best. Companies that would claim that they were the best and were above the rest. Companies that would claim their Officers were the best around and had the best training but just hired anyone off the street. Those guards would sleep on their assigned post or sit in their cars the entire shift while problems remained on the clients properties. These companies didn’t care about their Security Officers. They were just a number to the company. They were just money and really hurting our industry as a whole. They would show up to their assigned post with an unsatisfactory uniform, unprofessional appearance and were uneducated about what their jobs were or what their responsibilities were.


    Chaparral Protection Agency, P.L.L.C. was started to change all of that! We specialize in the hard to manage properties, whether it be residential low-income housing, a club that brought the hard to manage patrons into their establishments or a restaurant that needed our help, we are there! We have clients that own residential properties in 4 states where we have dropped their crime rates to an average of 49%. We are very proud of that number! We can handle anything you throw at us! We don’t “just” patrol residential. We also have clients that own Ranches where we patrol and check clients assets, check perimeters, check for trespassing and poaching. We do it all!

We have always understood that Police cannot be everywhere. Usually low staffed can’t simply do their patrols on a regular basis.

We understand that there are a lot of good people out there and they deserve to live in communities where they don’t have to worry about crime. They don’t have to live next to someone that would make their stay unpleasant. This is what Chaparral specializes in.

    We truly care about changing the industry, truly care about our employees and making communities safer!

Meet The Management Team


David R. Guthrie Jr.

Owner / Director of Training

Meet Our Family

Family. Not much more we can say other then we are just one big family here at Chaparral. From being family owned and ran to the massive extended family we have grown to be. We watch over each others backs in the time of need weather it be rough times at home or just simply a rough day at work. Once your in our family you never really leave. We have always and will continue to support our brothers and sisters who wear this uniform. 

Corporate Office

(254) 245 - 9885

Mailing Address: 3278 Chaparral Rd; Killeen, TX 76542

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